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  • Ma'aden – Saudi Arabian Mining Company - Ma'aden was formed as a Saudi joint stock company for the purpose of facilitating the development of Saudi Arabia’s mineral resources. To date Ma'aden's activities have focused on its active gold business which has grown in recent years to include the operation of five gold mines: Mahd Ad Dahab, Al Hajar, Sukhaybarat, Bulghah, and Al Amar.
  • Arabian American Development Company - Arabian American Development Company was organized as a Delaware corporation in 1967. The company’s principal business activities include developing mineral properties in Saudia Arabia and the United States and manufacturing various petrochemical products. ARSD owns the rights to a significant undeveloped mine in Saudi Arabia. The Company has formed a joint stock corporation with Saudi investors.
  • United Arabian Manajem Co. (MANAJEM) - Manajem is mining and trading in Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper, Zinc, Quartz, Silica and Dolomite. Manajem specializes in exploration, mining, producing concentrates, trading with various metals and bankable feasibility studies.

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  • Saudi Arabia Mining News - Saudi Arabia Mining News is an EIN News Service for mining professionals. Constantly updated news and information about Saudi Arabia Mining.

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Saudi Arabia holds the world’s largest oil reserves and is the biggest crude exporter. Geological surveys and mineral exploration have also revealed that it also holds huge deposits of precious metals, including one of the world’s largest phosphate deposits, leading the country to expect to be meeting 20% of the world’s phosphate fertiliser needs by 2020, a market estimated at US$25 billion. Valuable reserves of bauxite estimated at 126 million tonnes at the Al Zabirah mine in the North West of the Kingdom have been uncovered leading to plans to make the country one of the world’s largest producers of aluminium over the next 10 years. Ongoing mining projects in Saudi Arabia for minerals such as bauxite, copper, gold, iron, lead, silver, tin, zinc and a number of non-metallic minerals are estimated at nearly $16 billion. Major international mining companies from around the world, including 14 from Australia, are pouring into the country looking to establish a presence in a nation offering substantial opportunities for the international mining industry.

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